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Vivian - La Pita, Petén

In the village of La Pita, Santa Ana Petén, one third of the families receive remittance from their relatives in the
United States, and most also work themselves in agriculture. Depending on the season, during the harvest of fruits and vegetables, a man can earn between $5 and $8 for a workday, though some seasons are better than others.

Vivian is a Kingo customer who lives with her husband and three children in La Pita. When Vivian’s husband heard that they could install a solar energy system on the roof and pay according to what they want to use, he encouraged her to go for it, and now they have realized
that it is cheaper. She explains, “we quickly try to add balance to our system, because the light is so useful".

Vivian also tells us that before, the money she spent on candles was difficult to count because it was spent in small amounts, however, now she realizes how much money Kingo’s service saves her by comparison. For the past six months, she confirms that she has spent almost half what she used to pay for candles and recharging their two cellphones at the local store. Now she can plug the phone in to charge at any time, and recharge it again if the battery runs out, without paying more. Vivian tells us happily, "cent by cent, you get a full piggy bank".

Now that Vivian does not buy candles or kerosene, she has a little more money. Her husband’s salary used to be enough for her to buy three pounds of sugar a week and now with Kingo, she can buy five. "My three children are growing up, and now they get to eat a bit better," she says.

While the kids run and play around the house, she finishes cleaning and washing dishes after lunch. She says that their lives have improved with the arrival of Kingo. Neighbors also encourage each other to use the service because they are direct witnesses of the savings and benefit to the community. "Here in the community there are about 50 families and half of us already have a Kingo solar system at home.”