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Demetria - Valle de la Esperanza, Petén

Demetria can relate to the saying that a housewife's work is never done. For 18 years she had lived in the village Valle de la Esperanza, Dolores, Petén with her husband and four children, and often at home, she is accompanied by her three grandchildren. She stays busy all day; cooking, washing, cleaning, sorting and organizing, making sure her family always have what they need. She is thorough and detailed, so likes everything to be spotless. She also spends most of her time working at home, travelling infrequently to other communities or towns.

"People think that if you stay at home, you don’t need light, but it´s very necessary. It allows me to do things faster and make them better," says Demetria. Before using Kingo’s service, she heard that her neighbors had light and no longer got as tired because they were able do household tasks whenever suited them best, during the day and evening.

Using Kingo energy, Demetria benefits from this same level of productivity. Whilst her husband works in agriculture, their younger children attend school and she makes the most of her day between chores and taking care of her grandchildren. In the evening, she finishes any tasks she has left pending, "…the light is very helpful so that I can carry on with more things to do" she says.

When she turns the light on, she describes the room as being illuminated with the brightness of 50 candles. "At night I can clean beans and corn and let them sit overnight so that everything is ready for the next day. When I did this with candles it took me longer and was harder," she says.

Sometimes Demetria has to mend clothes or fix buttons on her children’s school uniforms, however, what she enjoys most is weaving and knitting. She recently started these hobbies and now looks forward to this time during her evenings. After dinner is finished, with her feet tired from the heat of the day, she uses her Kingo light and picks up her knitting needles and colorful threads.

Whilst monitoring her children doing their homework or waiting for her husband to return from work, she weaves small purses that she will later give as gifts to their granddaughters and nieces. Eventually she says she would like to sell some of the purses to make some extra money, "I'm still learning but now I have better light so I can practice more until they come out perfectly”.