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Health and Safety
Marleny - La Verde, Petén

After a day's work in domestic service in a neighboring village, Marleny* gets home to cook and spend quality time with her family. She tries to always return as soon as possible and avoid walking after nightfall on the roads. 75 kilometers away from the main province, and more than 8 hours away from the capital, in a modest house in the town of La Verde, Marleny lives with her husband and three children.

Every morning, Marleny and her husband get ready to go to work. She used to get up and light two candles in the morning, favoring those over homemade gas lamps as these often filled the entire house with smoke. Since becoming Kingo clients Marleny’s family have realized that light bulbs are a much better option than either of these alternatives. While the kids are still asleep, Marleny and her husband can turn the light on and dress in the small room without any fear that a candle will fall on the children’s bed and cause an accident.
La Verde understands the severity of these types of accident well. Two young men died a few months ago, because of smoke inhalation by a diesel generator that they had inside the house. Marleny sighs as she remembers her neighbours. She says that with Kingo she feels much calmer. "I see my kids doing homework, and they are no longer surrounded by smoke and I'm not afraid of them falling asleep while doing homework at night."

"I decided that we should use Kingo’s service at our house and it has served us all very well," she says with a smile on her face. Marleny used to pay for candles and to recharge her cell phone at her local store. Five candles per day and paying every two days to recharge the phones represented quite an expense within the monthly budget, often causing her anxiety. With Kingo’s service she saves money by comparison and also has safe, bright light in her home and the ability to charge her cell phones whenever she needs to.

Her face reflects her pride at having made a decision that has improved her family’s quality of life and provided them with safety, serenity and wellness. At 28 years old Marleny has many dreams for her family and herself and she hopes to continue providing and seeking the best for her children. She longs to see them grow and have better opportunities to study, work and succeed.