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Alfredo - La Machaca. Petén

It is easy to take for granted that we have electricity whenever we need it by flicking a switch. For those living without this opportunity, when it finally arrives, it is something to be cherished. "Look, look ..." – Alfredo calls our attention while pulling his Kingo light switch. Click! "Light has arrived!" he jokes, making a reference to Kingo’s motto, with his younger son in his arms.

Alfredo is an optimistic person who shows excitement and enthusiasm through his bold and shining eyes when he talks about something he is passionate about. At age 45,
Alfredo thought that it would be many years yet until he was able to have electricity in his home. Like the other 900 people in his community, this had always been a dream
rather than a reality.

However, since February 2015, Alfredo’s family, along with 70 other homes from the village of La Machaca, Poptún, Petén, have been using Kingo’s prepaid solar energy service.

He is delighted to be able to give the best to his wife and children. "This makes me very happy because it brings development to the community", says Alfredo, excited that he can now sit at home at night and share a few more hours with his loved ones.

"We used to spend a lot on candles and we went to bed early. Now I can be with my children when I get back from the field, play with them and talk. We can even have dinner together at the table without the smoke from the candles,” he says smiling. "I see that everyone is happy. It is easy to use and just what we needed."