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Born between the trees and the oceans, between pyramids and volcanoes, we’re crazy thinkers in a world of rational individuals. We are firm believers in the power of transformative ideas. We believe that great companies are grounded on purpose. We believe in sustainability. We believe we have the power to change the course of history. We believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. We believe in the mysticism of nature, in love, and in good.

We are a conscious organism that nurtures its environment. We are human, committed, and innovative. We spark movements. We are t-shirt wearers in the room full of suits. We are dreamers obsessed with improving the world. We are fanatical about changing minds and empowering humans. We are fighters against darkness. We are bold, impact driven and aware. We think big. We work in a community, not a company. We are devoted to disruption, imagination, and curiosity. 

We turn lives ON.


Cracking the energy dilemma requires collaboration from the genius, visionaries, and leaders of today. We intend to play a spearheading role in the world’s transition to 100% clean energy consumption, yet, require the support of key partners in order to spur the change. 

Local J.V. Partners

We want to bring Kingo to your country’s off grid communities. Kingo grows under a Joint Venture partnership strategy. We are looking to partner with institutions that count with notable experience in energy, telecommunications, consumer products, and a vast local and international network.

Debt/ capital raising partners

Access to capital has allowed Kingo to maintain a fast paced growth since its inception. We are working to maintain this continuum, and accelerate the rate of innovation, expansion, and impact generation in the road to service 500mm users by 2035.

Technology Partners

We are looking for partners that will support Kingo’s R+D efforts around Energy Generation, Storage, and Efficiency technology, and to integrate emerging exponential technologies like the Blockchain, AI, IoT, and Wireless Energy into the mix.

Why partner with Kingo?

Stellar Track Record

Disruptive Innovation

Global Scalability

Powerful Impact

Key Investors

  • SEAF Inter American Development
  • FCP| EPM's venture arm Engie
  • FMO Proparco
  • CABEF - Deetken Impact PeopleFund

Be a part of the Change